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Why Choose us over a traditional Kennel?

There are so many reasons why!
The primary reason is the pets health.
When a pet stays at a kennel they are exposed to parasites, diseases, infections, and viruses. Dogs that have never been to a kennel before are often extremely stressed out due to the noise of barking, or fence fighting. Some dogs lose their appetite and won't eat, drink or go to the bathroom. Some dogs begin to shed uncontrollably or cause self-inflicted injuries. Dogs that go to kennels are under stress also because first their owner takes them out of their familiar home environment, and then the owner disappears, leaving the dog alone in a strange place.

When your dog can stay at their own home it gives them peace of mind. Your pet is not exposed to anything that can harm them and they are much more comfortable in their own familiar environment. When using our pet sitting or live-in pet sitting services none of your pet's routines will change. This will decrease and usually eliminates the stress associated with animals being left by their owners.

When your dog utilizes our "home away from home" boarding services they are also comfortable because we provide a home environment. Again, their routines stay the same, the only difference is the environment. However, they are loved and cared for like you would be. They get to play and exercise all day long with 4-6 other dogs and then go to sleep like they normally would at home. This service has proved to be much more effective than kenneling and much easier on the dogs. The dogs love it so much that they don't want to go home afterwards!

  Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?
Pet Sitters provide a valuable service to pet parents. Whether you are planning a vacation, or must travel for an unforeseen family crisis, a pet sitter is available and capable of caring for your pets while you are away.

Pet sitters provide care in the comfort of the pet’s home, where familiar surroundings provide the pet with reassurance. Losing touch with a parent is stressful enough for an animal – they may pine and refuse to eat, cry, or misbehave in reaction the separation. All these reactions may worsen if the pet is taken from the sanctity of their home and environment, and placed into a kennel or boarding facility in which they are unfamiliar. As well, the risk of you pet escaping the facility is greater, since an animal’s instinct may be to attempt to return home. Risk of infections and parasites increase with exposure to other animals.

Pet sitters also provide professional, reliable care. Having a friend, neighbour or relative look after your home and possessions is convenient, but consider the additional stresses involved: Is the person being compensated at a reasonable rate for their trouble? Will the arrangement result in any resentment on the part of either party (i.e. feeling of being “taken for granted”)? Is the person available at specific times of the day to preserve a routine for your pet, or are they just “dropping by” at their convenience? Do they feel a strong commitment to providing this care, and do they have back up arrangements if they cannot attend? In addition, the safety and security of your home and possessions is increased with pet sitter visits. Besides being insured and bonded, professional pet sitters may bring in mail and newspapers, open and close blinds, turn lights on and off, etc. This greatly decreases the chance of break-ins and personal loss. Pet sitters do much more than provide your pet with food and water while you're away from home. A qualified pet sitter also spends quality time with your pet, ensuring your pet receives adequate exercise, companionship and affection, and monitors the health of your pet, intervening before serious problems arise.

Why Hire a Professional Dog Walker?
All dogs require exercise to remain healthy. The amount of exercise tolerated by dogs depends largely on their breed, size and age. In general, all dogs require at least 1-2 hours per day, though older dogs, small dogs or “toy” breeds may require this exercise to be broken up into shorter intervals.

The City of Toronto itself is home to more than 60,000 dogs! Being an urban community, pets are more often found in condos and high-rises. Apartment living for dogs must be coupled with regular walks to ensure adequate exercise.

“Nearly half of Canadian households have companion animals, and the average family spends hundreds of dollars per year on their pets, an amount that grows with income levels”

Coming home tired from work and overburdened with responsibility takes a toll. Walking your dog no longer seems enjoyable, but a task that must be done. Feelings like this are shared by your companion, who misses you and yearns for affection from you, but must respond to his basic physical needs first. We as pet owners have all experienced this frustration. Chewed shoes, gnawed furniture, hyperactivity, incontinence and other behavioural problems are signs that your dog is not happy. They can’t tell you in words, so their actions speak volumes.

If your dog could speak to you, what would he say? Probably “I am lonely”, “I need to play”, “I can’t relax and enjoy your company because I am alone all day”, or maybe “You don’t wait 10 hours to go pee, why should I have to?”.

Dog   Dogs that receive regular exercise and fresh air are far more likely to relax and enjoy t        the quiet time at home with their loved ones. Dogs who receive attention throughout the     the day are far less likely to overwhelm you with attention and affection when you
          first get in the door. If you were home alone all day how would you reach when
          someone came home? Excited, hyper, overzealous?
          Hiring a professional dog walker ensures that your dogs needs for affection, 
          companionship and physical needs are met when you are not there.